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A typical system will double your capacity in the same space and make it easier to file,

find and manage your records and to efficiently store anything that fits on a shelf.
Puts your files and stored material on rolling carriages and tracks.

Simply roll a unit aside to open an aisle in front of any shelf.It's a compact, efficient, System that will double your storage space.

If you now file in drawers it will increase your capacity by four times or more.
Widely used in Hospitals; legal and financial firms; pharmaceutical;banking and insurance companies;

retail and industrial organizations;libraries; museums and educational institutions.


1、 Suitable for storing large quantity and less sorts files。
2、 Save space, make efficiency use of warehouse space.
3、 High security, beautiful and durable. loading 100~300kgs per layer 

Widely used in museum; library;hospital; drugstore;bank.etc.Detailed product description:
Raw material: High grade cold rolled steel.
Surface treatment: Zinc plated, Chrome plated or powder coating.
12 teeth gear, 32 teeth gear, 16 teeth gear, 20 teeth gear for various terminals.
Tension controller.
Industrial wheel castor, diameter:127mm
Anti-tilting device; rail are made of 25mm concrete steel.
Built in safety lock
Close-style front panel to avoid dust or dirt.

MOQ configuration.
Single fixed unit, W/ 6 shelves, 1 bay size: W1040*D450*H2350.
Single movable unit, W/6 shelves, 1 bay size: W1040*D450*H2350
Double movable unit, W/12 shelves, 1 bay size: W1040*D450*H2350.



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